List Your Home for 1%

List Your Home for 1%

List your home for 1%

Don’t Pay Commission Fees of the Past!

List your home for 1%. The Internet has changed the game when it comes to selling and marketing homes. Don’t pay commission fees of the past. Online marketing costs are significantly less than traditional real estate marketing and it is far less time consuming. The Sales Team and Platinum Real Estate Professionals want to pass these savings on to you. List your home for 1% and put more money in your pocket at closing.

Many realtors with large franchise real estate companies will try to charge 6% total to sell your home. What these agents are not telling you is they have to give a large split of their commission to their broker, sometimes up to 75% along with other fees to the company.  They also will charge you a transaction fee which could cost you up to $1000.00.  This transaction fee is basically additional commission for the agent. The Sales Team does not charge junk or hidden fees and Platinum RE Professionals only charge their agents a nominal transaction fee per closing which the Sales Team pays.

See what clients are saying about The Sales Team!

When you list your home for 1% this covers the listing fee only. You will also have to pay the buyer’s agent their commission. There is no set commission rate but we recommend you offer between 2-3%. If you list your home with us and agree to pay the buyer’s agent a commission of 2.5% you will pay a total of 3.5%. On a $300,000 house this would be a total of $10,500. If you were to pay 6% total the commission would be $18,000. Listing your home for 1% with the Sales Team will save you $7500.00.  The Sales Team does not require long term listing contracts. We do ask for a commitment of 3 months but if our performance does not meet your expectations we will cancel the agreement.

List your home for 1%

Our 1% listing fee is for a full service listing.

  • Detailed Comparable Market Analysis
  • Suggested Staging Ideas
  • Aggressive Marketing
  • Strong Negotiations
  • Exceptional Service and Communication
  • State of the Art Technology with Electronic Signings
  • Professional Photography
  • Possible 3D Home Tour
  • Possible Drone Shots
  • Professional Sign with 2 Sided Color Flyers
  • Electronic Lock Box
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Amazing References
  • Short Term Listing Contracts
  • Free Home Warranty during Listing Period
  • No Transaction, Junk or Hidden Fees

The majority of today’s home buyers start their home search online. We have a great online presence and use that to our advantage when marketing your home. We not only market to our 1000’s of followers we also create ads targeted to unique users in and out of state to reach the largest pool of possible buyers.

When you list your home for 1% you will put more MONEY in your pocket at closing. We know each client’s home and situation differs and we are more than happy to customize a marketing plan unique to your home and time frame.

Call us today to set up an appointment to discuss how we can sell your home quickly and for top dollar. List your home for 1%!

Best Regards,

The Sales Team


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