Montezuma Mines

Montezuma Mines

Montezuma Mines

Montezuma Mines

Nelson, Nevada

The Montezuma mines claim was established in 1862 along with several other claims in the Eldorado Mining District which is now Nelson, Nevada by the Keystone Mining Company. The Keystone had interests in other areas, one of which Amador County California. They found gold at Montezuma and followed it down to a depth of 50 feet then quit in 1869 then moved on to Mineral Park, Arizona.

After that the Montezuma claim being 3 miles north of the hub of things remained dormant until the turn of the century though through the years surface or placer gold was removed by any and all.

Along comes Herman Wesselhoft, a blacksmith, born 1864 in China Camp California of ten children, 6 foot 7 in tall, medium build white voter and mustache looking much like Colonel Sanders. He worked for Keystone and did blacksmithing for others but he was a hustler as archived newspapers articles and photos have provided.

UtHerman gathered together three younger men and a fiancee of one of them together they worked the Montezuma and staked 3 more claims contiguous with it.

In 1907 they sold it to Richard Hotaling one of 4 sons of Anson Hotaling, A.P. Hotaling Liquor Distributor of San Francisco. The building withstood the fire and earthquake of the city. Richard had mining companies work the claims and finally under Woodrow Wilson it was patented in June 1914.

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Montezuma Mines was mined for gold and copper until after World War I maybe a little later because Richard died around 1925, 26. Then Wesselhoft would go out there and use the property along with an open blacksmithing area he had built earlier which has since been destroyed. He also housed and fed Queho in his flight from justice at the Montezuma quote Patricia Thacke. Patricia was one of Jack Thacke’ daughters. Herman trusted Jack and mentored him. Herman went on to open a black smithing shop on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. He ran it for ten years and died in 1934.

The property is exempt from eminent domain by way of the Bureau of Mines two archived articles MLA 44-88 and Bulletin 91-323. Furthermore there is a moratorium on patented claims since 1995.

Montezuma Mines is now listed for sale for a price of $1,225,000. The sale includes all existing patents and claims. For more information please call us at 702-845-5348.

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