How to compete in a multiple offer situation

How to compete in a multiple offer situation. Tips for home buyers in a hot market! Although the Las Vegas real estate market has cooled down, it is still a very active and competitive market. If you are a home buyer who is looking to purchase a home for under $250,000 you may find your self in a multiple offer situation. We are seeing multiple offers on many homes that are priced fair and show well in this price range. Losing out on a house can be heartbreaking and frustrating for a … [Read more...]

Closing Costs For Buyers in Nevada

Closing Costs in Nevada How much does it cost to buy a home? Many home buyers, especially first time home buyers do not have a clear understanding of what it costs to purchase a home. Your down payment amount is based on the type of loan you have and the sales price minus the earnest money deposit. A FHA loan is typically 3.5% of the purchase price, conventional loans range from 5% to 20% down.  There are many different type of mortgages/loans and your lender and Realtor can explain which … [Read more...]

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