Rural Living near Las Vegas

Rural Living Near Las Vegas Great communities on the outskirts¬†of Las Vegas! When you think of Las Vegas you may think of glittering lights, showgirls, endless buffets and suburban or city living. Las Vegas is a 24/7 city with a lot of energy and over 2,000,000 residents. To find a rural area within is the city is a challenge as our community has grown significantly over the past few decades. If you are considering moving to Las Vegas but do not want to be in the city we have put this blog … [Read more...]

Horse Properties, Las Vegas

Horse Properties¬†for Sale, Las Vegas Options for Horse Lovers Horse properties in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas area is an ideal destination for horse enthusiasts. We have several top equestrian events and shows throughout the year, numerous trails to explore through our scenic desert and a great variety of properties suitable for all of your equestrian needs. When you think of acreage and horse properties you may not think of Las Vegas, NV, but you will be pleasantly surprised with the options … [Read more...]

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